1.  Do Insurance companies reimburse for the spirometry test?

Yes. Spirometry measurements are covered by Medicare and most other insurance plans. There must be a physicians order for the study, proper coding and documentation of medical necessity. These issues are considered in the included training.

2.  What is my return on this investment?

Using conservative assumptions, only two tests per day should net $12,000 to $15,000 per year and pay for the complete package in three to four months.

3.  Who will train my staff to perform spirometry?

No additional personnel are required.  On-site training of your staff is included with the initial purchase.  Additional training sessions for new employees are available for a nominal fee.

4.  What are the diagnostic and procedure codes are used for billing?

Training and guidelines for billing, coding and reimbursement are included with the initial purchase.

5.  Can I connect the spirometer to a computer?

Yes. Our complete solution also includes a printer, and no computer is necessary. However, you may substitute PC software for the included printer. This will transmit spirometry data directly to the PC for manipulation and storage and send the spirometry report to any printer connected to the PC. Optionally, you may order the software now or later which will allow both immediate printing and uploading to the computer.

6.  How do I order supplies, such as the mouthpieces for the spirometer?

You may order supplies on our toll free order line, fax the order form, or send the order to us via email.  All payments are by major credit card.

7. Is the equipment covered by a warrantee?

Yes. The ndd spirometer and cradle have a 3 year warrantee which may be extended for a reasonable fee. If a problem with the unit can not be satisfactorily corrected during the warrantee period, a replacement unit will be provided. For other items such as printers, DVD players, calibration syringes etc., warrantees will be those provided by their respective manufacturers.

8. What type of support is available?

Technical support is provided via toll free phone by both Spirometry Solutions and ndd. You may also correspond with us via email. Spirometry Solutions will also answer questions on coding, reimbursement, and test interpretation.

9. Who may provide interpretations and reports for spirometry measurements?

For global billing the test must be performed in the physician’s office and the physician must sign the report/interpretation. The ndd spirometer includes interpretation software using algorithms widely accepted in the industry. Alternately, the physician may elect to use his/her customary terminology. Our turnkey package includes basic physiology training materials and we are available to provide support in this area.

10. Is it possible to bronchodilator or other types of spirometric studies?

Yes. Spirometry Solutions has developed an innovative method for effective administration of bronchodilator medication using a metered dose inhaler, spacer, and disposable mouthpiece that will allow multiple patient use and prevent contamination. More complex procedures such as inhalation challenges with methacholine or other agents may be developed in consultation with our company.